Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Year 11 French survey

Before teaching my Year 11 French class online I asked them a few questions. I have used Google Forms and I made the survey anonymous in order for the kids to answer as honestly as possible.

In the past few years I have seen plenty of similar surveys but I have always wondered if my students were comparable. Now I know :-) or at least I know for some of them as I only asked one class with 13 students.

Below are the results of this survey. What is the most surprising for me is the students’s use of their mobile phone, what they do most is still texting. This is very interesting as we hear a lot that teenagers use their phone for the internet. Of course as I only asked 13 students in a small rural school in NZ, it does not represent all teenagers in NZ but it is at least a small start.


  1. I haven't really looked into any formal research, but this survey reinforces my impression of kids and their use of the Internet & cell phones. So the moral of the story as far as I am concerned is that we must not make judgements about what kids do and don't do with their cell phones etc...that they are not necessarily digital natives, which has major implications for us in education.

  2. Hi Florence, just found this blog - - run by Bernadette for French should pop across and say 'hello' :)

  3. Dear Sarah, you are right, we should not make judgements on what the kids are or are not doing with technology. If I were doing another online course with teenagers first thing I would do is a survey regarding technology (as in use of the technology)