Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No heat pump + cold= angry teacher

The block I teach in is going to be refurbished next year. This is a very good news as there is only one electrical socket in my room, which is not ideal when I need to plug my computer, the data projector, the speakers and when my students need to recharge their laptop. A fire ready to happen

As you can imagine I was very happy to hear that the whole block will be refurbished.

Until tonight when I read on a board of trustees report that no heat pump will be installed in the lower block, it means that there will not be a heat pump in my classroom.

As the room is facing south, the sun does not reach at all the windows. The only source of heating comes from 3 radiators dating from the last ice age and they get switched off at the end of period 2, 11 am. Because I am so cold I have to teach wearing thermals and some students are so cold they have to wear a hat !!!

I know that we are in NZ and we have to “be tough” as being cold and admitting it is seen as a sign of weakness, but I think this is a bit too much.

Is it acceptable to work being cold?? I do not think so. Is it acceptable for our students to be cold while learning?? I do not think so.

Being cold is not the best learning environment for the students. I am very angry…..