Monday, April 4, 2011

What students want

My students are unique. I do not say that because I like them or that because WE are all unique. I am saying that because they do not want what the other students want.

Last week I was speaking with a French teacher from another school. She said that she has to do only fun stuff, if not her kids wag her class. In opposite my Year 11 told me that they have not taken French to have fun, that they are here to learn. They added that it is not the point to pretend having fun in class as it will never ben fun anyway. They would rather go on with the work and do something really fun like going to a restaurant after school with me.

What is even funnier is that the other teacher could not believe how my class had set up our classroom. The classroom has been refurbished during the summer. Nothing very flash as the school does not have any money, but everything smells like chemical which is lovely.

When the room was finally completed I asked my students to set up the room as they wanted. I was blown away when the kids put all the chairs into rows and admitted that they do not like when teachers put the tables into groups, that they like when the tables are in rows. The kids also want me to put posters in the class with conjugated verbs on it. I do not think that this is what we thought as teachers.

My year 11 would like to participate to an online event during which they could tell what they really want from teachers and from school. This could be very interesting. Stay tuned


  1. I'd love to meet your students - they sound like fun. Do you think they are the "norm" or different from the usual class? How can you facilitate "fun" in the online environment in such a way that students learn as well?

  2. The problem is all about "fun" !!! my students do not want to have fun. I do not know if they are the norm. When I speak with other teachers they think that my students are not the norm. But when we do this online event, you will tell me what you think ;-)

  3. What will be interesting to do is look at research that tells us stories from students' point of view, and see how your students compare.

  4. you are right that will be very interesting !!!!

  5. Wow! Your classroom looks great! So fresh and new :)