Sunday, September 13, 2009


Extra Normal ???

On Saturday , I discovered Xtranormal, but I can not remember how ( post pregnancy brain- at least this is my excuse!!!). You can make 3d movies. It is very easy to create a short movie. Of course it is not perfect, I think they are speaking too fast but it is free and I think it could be very good in a Language class.

It took my 15 minutes to create the movie. I will check if it is blocked at school, if not I could use it with year 9 in 2 weeks after the exams.

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  1. Hi Florence, I love Xtranormal and it is great for younger kids as well. A couple of tricks I have learned to slow it down is, put in more commas (in places where you would not expect commas to be) add extra spaces, and divide the text up into pieces by clicking the + button (cut and paste the last sentence into the new paragraph box)
    When I was using it with some children and they had a lot of maori words in their text, it became a new exercise to change the words into phonetic spelling so it would be pronounce correctly. Lots of fun, problem solving and lots of learning at the same time!