Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Classroom !!!

A good news from a bad news...

As the Japanese teacher and I only teach a minuscule number of students at senior level, we have
been given a new room. This room used to be the Languages Resources Room and during the last term it has been refurbished. It looks amazing !!!

The new room is near my French classroom at the bottom level of the block. It has a new heat pump (great for winter and our hot summer!!) and a data projector. This is not very exciting as all our classrooms at school have one of each; the most exciting thing is our furniture !!

The Japanese teacher and I sat down and picked some tables which can put in different shapes (yuppie !!); we also got some bean bags and some ottomans. The idea is that students would sit and work where they want and how they want. We could have a reading corner, other students could work on a listening task while others could work with the teacher around some tables. This is a very exciting time for us, although we will start using this room only next year when all the resources are brought back to the room.

Although we could not change the shape of the room as we can't move the walls, this is a kind of  MLE for our combined senior classes. It is very heart warming
to see our students getting excited every time they peep through the window to
check how the renovation is going.

Now the goal for us is to ensure that we use this room as it is planned and not fall back into an old fashion teaching.

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