Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I teach a wonderful Year 12 French and a very nice Year 11 French. I have asked my Year 12 to come during their study class to teach my Year 11 about past tense in French. I had deliberatelly not spoken about past tense with the Year 11, as I had in mind that somebody else was going to do a better job than me.

and they did !!!

It was great to be at the back of the room listening to Year 12 explaining how to create past tense in French. All the students were engaged and asked heaps of questions.

It was a great exercise for both levels as "enseigner c'est apprendre deux fois" (teaching is learning twice). The Year 12 want to teach again as they said it had to become clear in their head before they could teach, and the year 11 said they could relate to the Year 12 much more than tome =)

I cannot wait to have another lesson like this one. I have learned so much as well by looking at my students teaching

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