Friday, March 20, 2009

at last!!!!


here I am at last blogging like a geek

this is going to be a space about teaching French in an innovative way that will involve kids so much that they will take French up to year 13 ( in my dreams at least :-) )


  1. So look at you. Here in the realms of the geek world. Well done. I look forward to you adding more over time. Hope the mmc is treating you well.

  2. Well Florence congratulations on your entry into geekdom ....I look forward to watching this space!!...Kelvin

  3. From one teach geek to another.. well done :D


    p.s. .. you might want to change your comment settings, only folk with accounts can write at the moment... I'd go for something less severe :)

  4. Bonjour, Florence! How wonderful to find a NZ-French teacher presence in this space! Félicitations! I'm working at Secondary Futures and looking at the Place of Technology in learning in the future - partly by trying to find the beginnings in the here-and-now. Great to see you going public with your ideas - I'll look forward to reading more.